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Skyward Simulations Announces Cessna Citation C680 Sovereign+ for MSFS

Skyward Simulations announced last week their next aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Cessna Citation C680 Sovereign+ was unveiled as their next add-on via a post on their Discord server. This aircraft is still in early development and little is known about it. Developer Lucas Winter confirmed via this announcement that this aircraft will be available for both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024.

Background of The Cessna Citation C680 Sovereign+

This aircraft was first announced in 1998 as Cessna’s newest business jet. The first version of the Citation C680 Sovereign made its first flight in 2002. Over 340 units were built during its production phase. In October 2012, an improved version of the Sovereign was announced. The Sovereign+ first flew in April 2013, bringing improvements over the previous version.

Compared to its first version, the Sovereign+ boasts new PW306D engines with autothrottle. The fuel capacity of the aircraft was improved, having a practical range of 5000 km. The Citation C680 Sovereign+ also comes equipped with Garmin G5000 for its avionics. At the end of its production phase in 2021, 94 Sovereign+ were built.

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The Citation C680 Sovereign+ from Skyward Simulations

In the announcement, a screenshot of the aircraft inside the simulator was shared to showcase the progress of this new add-on. However, the features of this aircraft as well as pricing or an estimated launch date were not shared. Developer Lucas Winter, via a discussion on their Discord server, confirmed that this aircraft will include the G5000 avionics similar to the real aircraft. He also confirmed that the development of this aircraft is based on real documentation of the aircraft and a lot of aircraft pictures for the creation of the aircraft model.

Skyward Simulations will post future updates on the development as they prepare an “exceptional aircraft” for MSFS. In the meantime, there is a text channel on their Discord regarding this upcoming aircraft where the developer has been answering questions about this aircraft. If you want to know more about Skyward Simulations, you can read our previous article regarding their Diamond DA-50 RG release here.

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