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Thrustmaster Opens TCA Boeing Edition Pre-orders

After a highly anticipated reveal earlier this year at the biggest flight simulation expo in North America, FSExpo, Thrustmaster has today opened pre-orders of the TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition and peripherals included in it, supported by all major flight simulators.

This of course does not only mean we can pre-order these new peripherals, but we also got new information on the expected prices and dates of commercial availability, and of course, a bunch of new previews showcasing this new product range.

With that being said, the TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition, with both the yoke and throttle quadrant included, costs €499.99 in pre-orders. Now, if you want to get only the yoke, the price is set to €399.99, and if you want to get only the throttle quadrant, the price for that is only €149.99. In summary:

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  • TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition — €499.99
  • TCA Yoke Boeing Edition — €399.99
  • TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition — €149.99

The prices are currently not expected to change on the commercial release.

The yoke and throttle quadrants are based on the world-famous Dreamliner range of Boeing aircraft. It is the first yoke system from Thrustmaster as the company was previously focusing heavily only on the joystick market.

The TCA Yoke Pack (Throttle and Yoke) and Quadrant alone will start shipping on December 23rd, the day before Christmas. In case you would want to get only the yoke from the TCA Boeing range, these will start shipping all the way in March 2022. These details apply worldwide. Again, in summary:

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  • TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition — December 23, 2021
  • TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition — December 23, 2021
  • TCA Yoke Boeing Edition — March 10, 2022

You can pre-order all the previously mentioned peripherals through the official Thrustmaster website for the previously mentioned prices.

Back at the FSExpo 2021, the team at Thrustmaster explained that they have worked very closely with Boeing as the development of these new products ensued, making sure it was as realistic as possible.

One of the main features of the new yoke system is the addition of a ‘pendular’ yoke. This is the first desktop yoke ever created in the flight simulation community to have this pendular addition, meaning the base of the product is below the yoke, instead of in front.

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