UK2000 withdraws Gatwick Xtreme from sale

Scenery design company UK2000 have made the unprecedented decision to withdraw its X-Plane version of Gatwick Xtreme from its store with immediate effect.

The company have stated that the product “does not meet our expectations” since being converted some time ago by a designer who no longer works with them.

“There have been too many cases of ground taxi-line markings (and others) not appearing. We have tried to solve this problem but we kept getting sequence issues” they continued.

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UK2000 lays the cause of these problems at the door of the X-Plane World Editor application (WED) saying “The WED software is simply terrible” and branding it “Not fit for purpose”.

UK2000 say the issues with WED is that “There is a huge offset issue between lat/long and meters at any set point on the globe, you can move an object to align with a line in WED, but in X-Plane it can be 5 Meters OFF!!”

As so many airports have already been created by countless designers using the WED open source application it is unknown if these problems have appeared in a recent update or how other designers have overcome what appear to be obvious and critical issues with the WED software.

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UK2000 says it will wait until it releases its Gatwick HD scenery which will be entirely developed by them and avoiding the use of WED completely.

If you have purchased Gatwick Xtreme and experience problems UK2000 stated that they are willing to exchange it for any other X-Plane scenery in their store.

World Editor software is open source and full source code is available from its GitHub repository along with any reported issues and release notes.

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