VFR Designs Dev Blog (April 2020)

VFR Designs has today posted via their website a development update regarding the Bellingham and Scottsdale Airport sceneries for X-Plane 11. VFR Designs has started the post by sharing a feature list of the recently released VFR Designs Bellingham Orthophotos Pack which we have covered in the previous post which can be found here.

VFR Desigs has included a set of renders showcasing currently developed Bellingham Airport scenery, for X-Plane 11, which can be seen below.

Moving back to Bellingham’s airport, we have made substantial progress with the terminal, we have also made a few refinements on ground textures.

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Just below the Bellingham Airport renders, Scottsdale Airport renders were shared. As well as with Bellingham Airport scenery, the modelling has been progressing well.

Back in Scottsdale, modelling has also been progressing well. Now in the works are the main Scottsdale Terminal and the Jet Set Terminal buildings.

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