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Virtavia Releases Impressive Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat for MSFS

Virtavia recently announced the release of a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the F7F-3 Tigercat. The announcement was made on Virtavia’s website. The rendition is one of several add-ons created by the developer for the platform.

Virtavia F7F-3 Key Features

The add-on has many features. Firstly, it offers three configurations of the F7F: a clean variant, a rockets variant, and a fighter variant. Moreover, the add-on includes three unique flight models to match these three variants, and all three variations have been made using PBR materials and textures. To create an immersive atmosphere, the add-on also features a Wwise custom sounds package, a detailed cockpit, folding wings, and various other animated systems

A Little About the F7F Tigercat

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was an American heavy fighter aircraft used by the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy. The first F7F was introduced into military service in 1944 and the last one was retired in 1954, with over 300 aircraft built in total. The F7F-3 was a variant of the F7F with the only difference being an enlarged tailfin for improved stability at high altitudes. The F7F Tigercat saw combat in late World War II and later in the Korean War.

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The Virtavia F7F-3 for MSFS can be purchased on the add-ons website simMarket for €18.75. I would personally recommend this add-on to military jet enthusiasts who are huge fans of vintage warplanes. For more news about MSFS, check out our other articles.

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