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X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family for XP11

X-Crafts is rolling out a brand new version of the ERJ Family for X-Plane 11, v1.3.22. New features were rolled out such as plugin menus in VR and updates to FMS, interface, FMOD, VR and much more. If you haven’t heard of the package before, it features a total of five aircraft: E135, E140, E145, E145XR, and Legacy 650.

For example, directs now work properly in the aircraft together with unique trim settings to the aircraft rather than the same for all aircraft. Furthermore, some parts of the aircraft were moved to SASL3 and Librain issues have been fixed. As of right now, Librain does not work with X-Plane 11.50, but when it will, there should be no issues with the aircraft compatibility. The changelog is massive and brings a lot to the table. You can find it down below.

In order to update the aircraft, it is highly recommended to download the new files directly from the store. There are some unclarified issues with the SkunkCrafts updater.

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X-Craft also wants to remind you of their offer. If you own the E-Jets already and want to complete the family, you just need to pay for the difference, 40$ on the X-Plane.org store. You can find this unique discount code next to the activation code in your order in the store.

If you want to purchase the ERJ Family without having E-Jets, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $89.99.

Release notes

  •     You can now select and edit the waypoint that you are flying towards.  
  •     Direct To (DRCT –> ) now proceeds directly to the waypoint selected from your present position.
  •     Rewrote the distance/time calculation on PERF 2.  This should now accommodate *any* flight plan design from airport 
  •     to airport (no other waypoints) to any combination of SID, STAR and/or ROUTE in between.
  •     Trim settings now specific to each aircraft
  •     Fixed warning for “no waypoints found situation” when loading a .fms file.
  •     Single waypoint ROUTE’s now possible – removed error checking routine that would automatically delete the ROUTE if 
  •     there was only one waypoint.
  •     Rewrote the data entry validation for the AUTOPILOT, WAYPOINT EDIT and PERF2 airspeed entry fields.  These will now 
  •     accept Mach entered either as two digits or decimal.  (Any value less than 100 KIAS is treated as Mach.)
  •     Revised the min/max MAC% and added these values to the data entry warning.
  •     Updated maxiumum fuel load data entry for ERJ-135, ERJ-140 and ERJ-145 to agree with ACF stored values.
  •     Fixed Librain integration. (Librain wont work in Vulkan for now, but hopefully soon a new version will come up which will make it compatible with Vulkan rendering.)
  •     Added corrected Librain objects for ERJ-135, ERJ-140 and Legacy 650.  Passengers will now see rain on all passenger windows in the ERJ Family!
  •     More efficient SASL3 update and drawing functions.  These script sections are no longer active if the specific menu item is not active.
  •     All preferences (configuration, settings) files are now located in the aircraft plugins folder.  All can be deleted to restore default values – new files are recreated on aircraft loading if these prefs files are not found – just like X-Plane.
  •     Cleaned up the ERJ Settings “version banner” when there’s difficulty determining the current online version.
  •     Cleaned up version checking warnings to something more specific and less scary.
  •     Better prevention of ground equipment appearing when aircraft is moving (does not apply to SASL load / activation failures).
  •     Restored the GNS430 update “readme” graphic in all required locations.
  •     Updated the Legacy 650 column on page 11 of the aircraft manual to reflect correcct specification values.
  •     Updated the deflection time for gear steering. Previously the nose wheel would turn instantly, now it turns with a slight delay. You may need to readjust your joystick settings.
  •     Speedbrake deploy time modified to reflect the real aircraft. (Deploy in around 1 sec, retract in around 4 secs)

  •     FMS and Checklist popout positions persist – either when opened and closed during the same session or to the next time 
  •     the aircraft is loaded.
  •     The FMS and Checklists popouts now close cleanly.  If the screen width is a multiple of 1920, the mouse will not disappear
  •     when near the left edge of the monitor.
  •     Menu tab hot zone now wider for 4K users.
  •     Created custom commands to bring up Checklistsand Operations
    • XCrafts/ERJ/toggle_menu_tabs
    • XCrafts/ERJ/show_operation
    • XCrafts/ERJ/show_checklists
  •    Added hot spot in the empty space just under the MASTER WARNING light and to the right of the GUST LOCK light to be able to toggle the menu tabs in VR.
  •    Added VR version of menu tabs. 
  •    Checklists, Operations and FAQ will now pop-up in VR when selected from the menu.
  •    Added a command to toggle the menu tabs in VR:  XCrafts/ERJ/toggle_menu_tabs
  •     Cabin announcements reset between flights.
  •     High Speed alert modified.
X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family for XP11 - X-Plane, X-Crafts
Did you happen to know that X-Crafts hid around 25 easter eggs in the ERJ?

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