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BeyondATC Releases Pricing For Their Client

BeyondATC, an upcoming ATC (Air Traffic Control) client for Microsoft Flight Simulator aimed at providing a realistic experience to users, released pricing for their client in an article on their website. Pricing has been released in the form of different packages and has been catered to meet the requirements of each category of users.

What is BeyondATC?

BeyondATC is an ATC client which utilises a set of phraseology used by the ICAO and FAA to provide a realistic experience to the users. It uses cutting-edge AI voice models on top of its ATC framework to process requests and manage aircraft.

The application supports IFR traffic (With VFR support coming after launch) along with a complete SimBrief integration. According to BeyondATC’s website, the addon is set to release in 2024.

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Tiers of Pricing and The Advantages

BeyondATC has released pricing for mainly two types of packages, base and Transmission Time packs. Since the application utilises an online AI voice service, every request made is chargeable. Transmission Time is a sort of currency that is consumed whenever BeyondATC incurs a cost from its online processing or voice generation services. Transmission packs allow you to purchase the required amount of time, these packs have been designed to be flexible and suit the needs of the users, depending on their use case.

There are two types of online voice services included with the application. The basic voice model comes with 100+ voices with limited quality and accents. This model only utilises a small amount of Transmission Time. The premium voice model includes 250+ high-quality voices and accents from every country but this model uses the most transmission time.

The base pack is priced at $59.99 which gives you full access to the BeyondATC client, including the features and future updates. It also comes with 3,750,000 units of Transmission Time and 400,000 units of the premium voice model. The base pack also contains an offline voice model which consists of 150+ AI-generated voices with accents only from the UK and US. The offline voice model uses zero Transmission Time and does not utilise Windows SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface), although any use of the push-to-talk functionality to use voice to communicate with BeyondATC will also consume Transmission Time.

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At the moment of writing, there are 3 types of Transmission Packs available – small, medium, and large. The small Transmission Pack is priced at $4.99 and contains 500,000 units of transmission time, similarly, the medium and large packs are priced at $9.99 and $19.99 which come with 500,000 and 1,500,000 units of Transmission Time respectively. The small and large packs are designed for users with heavy usage and offer significant savings over the small pack.


BeyondATC’s pay-as-you-go pricing model promises to cater to the needs of a wider user base while maintaining the same features across all editions. To read more about the product pricing and explore the different sounds available, visit the BeyondATC website. To read similar articles click here.

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