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FSDreamTeam Releases GSX Pro Version 3.0 for MSFS

The popular ground services add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, GSX Pro, just received a huge update. Version 3.0 of GSX Pro brings a long-awaited feature to MSFS. Modeled seated passengers will now populate the virtual cabins of MSFS with this new update. However, it is only currently compatible with the Fenix A320 add-on. Future add-ons will receive compatibility for the seated passengers feature if they have a modeled interior.

This update also adds new uniforms and models for the flight crew. Additionally, when boarding and deboarding new voice lines will play out depending on the time of day in the simulator and in different accents depending on the airline’s nationality.

New Seated Passengers in GSX Pro

The new seated passengers feature lets us visualize passengers boarding the aircraft and taking their seats for the first time in a flight simulator. The passenger models will remain seated during the whole flight, being optimized to have minimal impact on performance. The passengers have custom animations when seated like holding electronic devices, magazines, drinks, etc…

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When the cockpit door is closed, passenger models will not be rendered to prevent any impact on performance during the flight in the cockpit. However, you can still view them using an external camera or inside the cabin during the flight. The models are synchronized with the aircraft, ensuring no lag or stuttering. The seated passenger feature is optional and is disabled by default. If you want to activate this feature, you can do so using the FSDreamTeam Installer and selecting from a list of compatible aircraft.

New Crew Models and Other Features

GSX Pro version 3.0 brings changes to the flight crew. FSDreamTeam added 277 new airline uniforms with 16 new character models. Both models and uniforms will be linked to the airline you are flying. The uniforms have custom details like color, pins, or nametags from multiple real airlines.

FSDreamTeam also gave the flight crew new voice lines during boarding and deboarding. This now includes different accents and languages depending on the airline you are flying. The voice lines will change depending on the time of day in the simulator. This was done according to FSDreamTeam to prevent repetition and increase immersion in your flight.

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This update also brings some bug fixes and changes for GSX Pro and other versions of GSX. A full changelog can be seen in the GSX Community Discord server. This update is free for all GSX Pro customers and is now available for download. If you want to know more about GSX Pro you can head to our previous article about their previous update here.

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