15.11.2020 – 15:57z

Gaya Simulations Announce Nine Greek Airports for MSFS

Following on from their Roadmap Stream, Gaya Simulations have just posted on Facebook their second installment of announcements, just as they said they would. As mentioned in the Stream, these airports cover nine Greek islands packaged into three products, making three airports and three islands per product. These islands are in the Aegean Sea, east of Athens.

The first package consists of Ikaria, Kalymnos, and Leros. Ikaria is the largest Island of the three, with Kalymnos and Leros lying southeast of Ikaria. The airports consist of Ikaria National Airport LGIK), Kalymnos Island National Airport (LGKY), and Leros Municipal Airport (LGLE). The level of detail in the renders is typical of Gaya Simulations. This goes for all the screenshots they have previewed.

The second batch consists of Lesbos, just off the coast of Turkey, and the more southernly Paros and Syros, of the coast of Athens. Airports here include Mitilini Airport “Odysseas Elytis” (LGMT), Syros Island National (LGSO), and Old Paros National (LGPA).

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The third and final batch includes the islands Milos, Naxos, and Astypalaia. These are located in the southern area of the Dodecanese Islands (as they are commonly known). Airports here are Milos Island National (LGML), Astypalaia Island National (LGPL), and Naxos Island National (LGNX). Unfortunately there is no screenshot of Astypalaia.

No release dates have been made known, but given that they are currently progressing with the airports from the previous announcement, expect them some time next year.

Gaya Simulations are, once again, showing their commitment to the simulation community by announcing these packages. This is a popular area for GA flying, especially in Microsoft Flight Simulator, given that Athens is so close by.

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