Scenery developer GloballArt has taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of their Congonhas Airport (SBSP) rendition for X-Plane 11.

GloballArt has once again delivered to the X-Plane community with a product that does not lack in detail. The rendition accurately represents the airport, with the main terminal, aprons, and hangars all modelled by hand. The terrain mesh has also been reworked, giving the airport its accurate tabletop elevation.

The airport ground is also manually textured with customized pavements. Ambient occlusion textures have also been implemented in order to replicate realistic lighting effects. Just like any other good payware scenery, Global Art has also included accurate taxiways and stand numbers.

The developer has again paid attention to detail by adding distinctive features. This includes the rendering of the interior of Terminal 1, the replication of the Approach Light Systems or even the modelling of the interior of the control tower.

Congonhas Airport (also known as Deputado Freitas Nobre Airport) is one of the four commercial airports serving Sao Paulo. It is also Brazil’s second busiest airport, with a gobsmacking passenger flow of 22,681,392 in 2019. The airport is located 8 km (5 mi) from downtown São Paulo and is solely used for domestic operations to other destinations in Brazil. Its longest runway has a length of 1,940 meters, which allows A320’s and 737’s to operate with ease. However, it has also been exploited by larger aircraft in the past like the A300’s and even the 767-200’s.

Key Features

  • Precise modeling, based on original references, plans and other studies.
  • Fully customized pavement, with ambient occlusion included in textures
  • Customized taxiway sign.
  • Auto Gate by Marginal compatible custom jetways.
  • Avenues and streets with custom and standard vehicle traffic.
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures.
  • Custom textures with ambient occlusion.
  • Custom Approach Light Systems (ALS).
  • New Control Tower with the interior rendered.
  • Very precise mesh of fully edited terrain in the Airport area.

If you are interested, the scenery is available for purchase at the X-Plane store for approximately 16.81 EUR.

Author: Darun

My love for aviation was sparked in 2013 at Le Bourget Airshow, after seeing the A380 doing its spectacular display. Since then, I have turned to flight simulation to experience the thrill of being in command of aircraft. My passion for writing as well as my strong interest in aviation has led me to join this fantastic team and contribute to the flight sim community with punctual and reliable articles on the latest news and events.

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