iniBuilds Announces Detroit Metro Airport for MSFS

Developer iniBuilds took to their forum page to provide an update on their ongoing scenery projects. The post announces works on a Detroit Airport rendition and announced updates for Heathrow Airport, Los Angeles Airport and iniManager.

Announcement of Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport

The post began by revealing ongoing works on a Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport (KDTW) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This upcoming rendition will feature accurate replication of airport buildings, both exteriorly and interiorly. In addition, Detroit Metro Airport will feature custom ground service equipment, custom taxi signs and many high-quality textures.

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The airport will also feature more advanced features. This includes an animated train in the main McNamara terminal, an animated Laminar fountain and de-icing equipment statics. These additions will elevate the immersion levels to greater heights.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming airport too see all the upcoming features!

No information regarding the release date or the pricing of the rendition is disclosed by the developer.

Updates for KLAX and EGLL renditions

The post continued with the announcement of upcoming updates for both their Heathrow (EGLL) and Los Angeles renditions (KLAX). As for Heathrow Airport, iniBuilds stated that the update would improve the Terminal 5 building as well as ground polygons, textures, and performance.

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In addition, the developer hinted at an update for Los Angeles (KLAX), which will aim to improve FPS performance for users of the airport.

Update for iniManager

Finally, the post concluded with the announcement of an iniManager update. Owners of select iniScene sceneries will now be able to customise airport options. They will be able to toggle ground equipment, add or remove static aircraft and choose texture options.

If you are interested in buying iniScene products, you can do so from the MSFS marketplace or the iniBuilds store. Have a read at Denis’ article to learn more about iniScene’s previous release, Los Angeles Airport.

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