Mango Studios Releases FF757 Soundpack (XP11)

Mango Studios have today released their second addon enhancing the default aircraft sounds in X-Plane 11. Whilst with their first product, they focused on reworking the FlightFactor A350 default sounds, this time they focused on the FlightFactor’s Boeing 757.

Featuring a brand new user interface that allows users to have a better control over the sounds, the soundpack can be purchased through the Store and SimMarket for about €15.

Other than that, the soundpack features custom engine sound effects for both the RB-211 and PW2000 engines, realistic cabin and cockpit environment sound effects, or custom battery and packs sound effects.

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Additionally, custom sound effects were added to switches, buttons, covers, rotaries, and knobs enhancing the aircraft immersion.

As mentioned earlier in the article, the soundpack can be purchased through the Store and through SimMarket for about €15. It is compatible with all FlightFactor 757 variants.

The developers are currently working on porting the soundpack to be compatible with the FlightFactor’s rendition of the Boeing 767. While the release date and pricing details on that remain unknown, the development is progressing well.

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If you want to learn more about the development, we recommend you to read through our article on the development announcement.


  • Custom Battery sound effects
  • Custom Gyro sound effects
  • Custom Avionics sound effects
  • Custom Packs sound effects
  • Custom Switches, Buttons, Covers, Rotaries, and Knob sound effects
  • Realistic cabin & cockpit environment sound effects
  • Custom and realistic RB-211 Roll Royce engine sound effects
  • Custom and realistic PW2000 Pratt & Whitney engine sound effects
  • Custom Mango Studios User Interface that allows having more control over your sounds.
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