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MK-Studios Suspends X-Plane Development, Updates on MSFS Products

MK-Studios have just a few moments ago taken to their Facebook page to share somewhat sad news for the X-Plane community and to update the community on the current status of their products for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The original purpose of the post made by Mateusz, the CEO of MK-Studios, is to provide more information about their development status and plans for the future. The post begins with Mateusz stating that it was a very challenging time for them with so many updates being pushed to the Microsoft Flight Simulator recently. The updates, on the other hand, allow the developers to go further and improve their products but also generate delays in their roadmap.

As it was hard for the developers to maintain and produce content for four different simulators, they have decided to suspend all their development for X-Plane at this moment.

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Following that, Mateusz shared more details about their currently developed sceneries covering the airports in Helsinki, Rome, Porto, Fuerteventura, Ponta Delgada, and Dublin as well as Lisbon and Lanzarote.

Helsinki Airport for MSFS

With that being said, the release of Helsinki Airport for MSFS was postponed to get more time to work on the mesh. The developer stated that the other parts of the scenery are ready, and are being put together. No estimated release date was given on that note.

Porto Airport for P3D/MSFS

Porto Airport scenery for Prepar3D and MSFS is also being current finalized and will be entering beta in the next one to two weeks, in case of the MSFS version of the scenery. The Prepar3D version will follow later. As well as with Helsinki Airport, no estimated release dates were given.

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Rome Airport for P3D/MSFS

Rome Airport scenery is currently being exported to the simulator and is expected to enter the beta stage at the end of September. It will be first available for Prepar3D with the MSFS version released later. As Mateusz stated: “We know this product is very anticipated.“.

Fuerteventura Airport for P3D/MSFS

While the Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the scenery received a small update fixing runway designators in the main menu and fixing the jetways, the Prepar3D version is expected to receive a major update to V2 in the next few weeks. All owners of the current version first released back in 2017 will be eligible for a 35% discount.

Ponta Delgada for P3D/MSFS

Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator just a few days ago, the developers at MK-Studios have already worked on improvements and fixes that should be included in the soon-to-be-released update to v1.0.1. The update will bring RAM usage optimization, fix to the missing texture on the “Ponta Delgada” sign, and autogen fixes.

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About the Prepar3D variant of the scenery, the developers are “currently looking to provide such version.”, as Mateusz mentioned in the post.

Dublin Airport for MSFS

The scenery was recently updated to v1.1.0. The updated version is already available through the Orbx services and should be available on SimMarket as soon as the new installer is ready. The update brings optimized textures, reduced RAM usage, and preparations for the Xbox version of the scenery.

Lanzarote Airport for P3D

As Fuerteventura is now published we’re moving on!

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Mateusz – MK-Studios Facebook page

Lisbon Airport for MSFS

The scenery is currently planned to be released later this year.

In the comment section under the post, Mateusz as well addressed the development of Seville Airport which was announced to be in development in January 2020 but was later cancelled as the developers got information about two other developers who were working on it as well.

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