6.12.2023 – 22:06z

Orbx Announces British Isles Mesh For MSFS

Orbx took to their Facebook page to announce an upcoming rendition of British Isles Mesh created by Indie developer Dmytro Krykunov for Microsoft Flight Simulator, making it the sixth installment of a Mesh series after releasing Mesh for New Zealand, Alaska, Iceland, Himalaya, and South Africa previously.

What Is A Mesh

Mesh is a digital representation of the terrain’s shape, defining features like hills, canyons, valleys, or mountains. The difference between default and add-on mesh in lies in the level of detail, affecting how closely you need to examine geographical elements, such as mountain ridges or ravines, to notice the variations.

Orbx Add-On Features

The developer hasn’t released a feature list yet. However, from the announcement post, we know it won’t be made of a modified default mesh or contain any other files, rather than being 100% custom-made.

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The add-on will be a collection of around 6,000 small islands off the north-west of mainland Europe in the Atlantic Ocean, with islands of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Northern Isles (Shetland and Orkney), the Inner and Outer Hebrides as well.

The developer put a particular focus on Ireland by crafting mesh from ALOS satellite DEM data. With innovative techniques, the terrain has been enhanced with over 200 locations with 2m/pix resolution, giving Ireland better clarity.

Release Date And Pricing

Unfortunately, Orbx has not yet announced the price or estimated release date. The developer might announce more details about the add-on’s features in the following days.

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To stay tuned with Orbx releases, check out our previous article covering the release of their last rendition of Great Britain South Add-On.

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