10.9.2020 – 17:10z

Origami Studios Releases Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane 11

Origami Studios has today, a day prior to the scheduled release date, released their rendition of Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane 11. The aircraft has been developed in cooperation with SimToolKitPro for the past seven months.

Real-world pilots were participating in the development to ensure a realistic flight model and characteristics. And not only that, but also custom ground equipment is included, dynamic lighting in HDR quality is included, ice accumulation is simulated on specific surfaces, PBR is implemented, or custom FMOD sound pack is included, for example.

Scottish Aviation Bulldog is British two-seat training aircraft first introduced back in 1971. First operator of the aircraft was Swedish Air Force with the first 58 aircraft delivered. A total of 328 units were produced since 1969. With a service ceiling of 16,000ft, the aircraft has a range of 540 nautical miles.

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The aircraft is being exclusively sold at the iniBuilds store for approximately €27.

Feature list

Flight Model

  •  Flight model tested by multiple real-world Bulldog pilots
  •  Faithful representation of a Lycoming IO-360 engine with inverted oil systems
  •  Flight characteristic and performance derived from real-world data
  •  Extensive flight-handling testing against aerobatic maneuvers

Menu System

  •  Realstate: Persistence for specific functions of the aircraft including tachometer and and panel lighting customisation
  •  Normal checklists
  •  Fuel/Payload manager
  •  Ground Equipment: Ground chocks, pitot covers and canopy covers. Ground equipment can affect aircraft functionality

Visual Environment

  •  Faithful recreation of the 104 and 121 export models featuring handcrafted visuals
  •  Priority panel textures. So you get the highest resolution no matter the scenario.
  •  Every surface is made utilizing PBR. See accurate reflections, bumps, roughness on the surface of the aircraft
  •  HDR dynamic lighting
  •  Ice accumulation simulated on specific surfaces.
  •  Grabbable control surfaces
  •  Highly interactive cockpit featuring moving seats, moving canopy and movable air vents

additional Features

  •  Quick Manual including checklists
  •  Paintkit for both Photoshop and Substance Painter
  •  FMOD Soundpack
  •  Representation of a classic Benedix King radio stack
  •  Custom G-Force Meter
  •  Persistent Tachometer
  •  Functioning circuit breakers
  •  Faithful steam gauge panel recreation

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