12.4.2020 – 10:47z

PMDG Weekend Update

rsrandazzo has today posted via the PMDG forums a new development update regarding the Boeing 747, 737, 777 and Prepar3D v5.

747 update cycle:

The post has started with information regarding the long-awaited update for the PMDG Boeing 747 rendition. PMDG is currently working on fixing issues that have appeared in the testing phase such as model animations, PBR, sound processing cL/cD models, ground effects, ground physics, navdata and more.

PMDG has also confirmed that they are evaluating an EFB integration into the 747.

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On the face of it, I think we would push the EFB into the 744 across both MSFS and Prepar3D platforms simultaneously **if** this is when we elect to add such a thing.

737 NGXu update cycle

PMDG has decided to move the 737 NGXu update ahead of the 777 update. Based on the post, we should not expect a major update, but rather a maintenance and upkeep cycle. The developers have also confirmed that the issue with too agressive brakes has been fixed.

The update for NGXu is more of a maintenance and upkeep cycle, but it will include pretty significant upgrade on a bunch of things related to wheels and brakes.

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777 update

There wasn’t much said regarding the 777 update. The work is progressing, but slow.

This update is having a difficult gestation period because of the sheer bulk of new technology we are adding to the airplane.

Prepar3D v5

The end of the post was focused on the recently released Prepar3D v5 and PMDG products compatibility. Based on the post, PMDG will not ask for upgrade fees. The aircraft itself are compatible with the product out of the box, but the installers are not. Updated installers will be provided during the coming days/weeks/months.

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