ProjectFLY Development Update

ProjectFLY, probably the most used tracking software for flight simulators has got some more information about its future by the developers.

Matt Davies, who stays behind ProjectFLY has shared the future of the ProjectFLY, and what he is about to do. First of all, there will be something like a development group, which will be built by volunteers. Matt Davies call this group a ProjectFly Focus Group. Matt is focusing to do this thing within the 4-6 weeks, after the Focus Group, he wants to aim at updating the ProjectFLY app to version 4. Another thing he mentioned on his Facebook page, is that he opens a Patreon page, where people will be able to donate the costs which are necessary to run ProjectFLY. This had to be done because ProjectFLY does not have any developer sponsors, nor ads in their app.

As we mentioned in the last ProjectFLY article, the ProjectFLY v4 has been delayed because it was not ready enough to be released. You can see more on ProjectFLY’s Facebook page.

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