UK2000 Releases Telluride for MSFS

The development team of UK2000 has recently released their rendition of Telluride Airport (KTEX) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Telluride Airport marks another release from their North American series after the team shifted their focus from their usual UK airports series.

Telluride Regional airport is a small, yet challenging airport located six miles west of Telluride, Colorado. The airport operates since 1984 and it is known for its challenging approach. Telluride is a popular ski destination, however, it is a popular destination for many private pilots.

UK2000 created a detailed rendition of this airport with realistic ground markings, fencing around the airport, custom vegetation and high-resolution ground image. Furthermore, the team 3D details in the terminal, hangar, as well as tower.

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  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Hi-Res ground image
  • Stunning Night Effects
  • High details Airport Vehicles
  • Excellent Frame Rates
  • Full set of signs
  • Fencing
  • Vegetation
  • PBR Materials
  • Internal Tower details
  • Optional Static aircraft 
  • internal Building details and Open Hangar

The scenery is now available through the UK2000 website for approximately €11.40. If you would like to learn more about UK2000, you can take a look at their other American sceneries, such as Spaceport America and John Wayne Airport. If you look for their UK sceneries, you can take a look at the Cardiff release.

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