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X-Crafts Releases a Major Update for ERJ Family (XP11)

X-Crafts has today issued a new major update for their ERJ Family product for X-Plane 11. Version 1.3.0 features, for example, Librain integration, flight model corrections, and refinements to match the real-world aircraft, FMS improvements, audio control added to AviTab, or textures in DDS format to prepare the aircraft for Vulkan/Metal update.

This was of course just a brief selection, the update features way more fixes and new features. A complete changelog can be found below. Due to the big file size, in order to update the aircraft, you need to download the whole .zip file again from the store.

If you want to purchase the ERJ Family package you can do so via the X-Plane.org Store for $89.95.

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X-Crafts has also introduced a deal, that is going on at the X-Plane.org Store. Embraer E-Jets are in a discount for $39.95 (both), and if you own those, you can get the whole ERJ Family package for another $40. In conclusion, you can get all X-Crafts products for $80.

It has also been made clear, that there is no major update scheduled for the E-Jets in short-term.



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  • Airspeed and altitude indicators further debugged and enhanced to more closely represent the real aircraft.  Digital displays have been corrected and the overspeed zone modified to adapt to be correctly sensitive to altitude and Mach number.
  • Glideslope indicator presence now reactive to source selection as well as NAV radio frequency selection.  INOP indications provided when appropriate.
  • TO/GA pitch bars now adjust for the correct nose up position and guidance when selected.
  • Pitch Limit Indicator (PLI) added to warn of excessive angle of attach and incipient stall conditions.
  • Other visual cues and display elements debugged/corrected.

MFD / EICAS / Standby Instruments

  • Further updated, revised and debugged displays to be closer to actual aircraft. 
  • All indications on the MFD should now switch between KG/LBS units where needed. Units now correctly persist from session to session.

Other General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Autopilot can now be turned on while on the ground.
  • The No Smoking and Fasten Seatbelts manipulators reversed.
  • Added code to match the throttle position to the reverse thrust condition when using joystick buttons or keys to toggle max reverse thrust.
  • Fixed a model glitch on the E135 where part of the cabin geometry was sticking out of the fuselage.
  • Increased the size of the manipulators that are in the centers of the autopilot control knobs – HDG synch, MACH/KIAS toggle (SPD), ALT sync for easier control in VR.
  • Added a REVERSE THRUST manipulator just behind the throttle quadrant.  This toggles max reverse thrust.


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  • Enhanced the APU indicator on EICAS to match video of actual aircraft display elements.
  • Completely reconfigured the APU startup/shut-down manipulators, and added custom systems code to reflect how the APU controls are supposed to be used in the real aircraft.
  • APU fuel use now reflected in the MFD fuel totalizer, drawing from the right tank.

Aircraft ACF

  • Corrected/updated weight specifications of all ERJ’s as needed, except the Legacy which was already correct.


  • All textures converted to the .DDS file compression format to prepare for X-Plane 11.50.
  • Changed popup graphics for the side tabs and the former “Menu” popup to use “Operations” as the title.  Better fit for the functions.  Corrected a sizing error in the avionics script.
  • Librain now supported for all cockpit windows.  Users must download and install the librain plugin.  This plugin is not recommended for Mac users as it conflicts with our SASL components
  • Revised engine startup requirements so that the starter knobs are only briefly turned to the START position (1 to 2 seconds – use 2 to simulate FADEC automated startup.
  • Autopilot:  SPD, FLC and VS should now properly replace either of the other two vertical modes if changed during a climb.
  • Autopilot:  FLC now anticipates the change to ALT HOLD earlier.
  • Three new thrust reverse commands added (use these instead of X-Plane commands to ensure synchronization with the throttles):

              –  XCrafts/rev_thrust_toggle_max_all”,”XCrafts TOGGLE reverse thrust all engines

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              –  XCrafts/rev_thrust_toggle_max_1″,”XCrafts HOLD reverse thrust engine 1

              –  XCrafts/rev_thrust_toggle_max_2″,”XCrafts HOLD reverse thrust engine 2

  • Updated the “engines running” and “in-flight” initializations automatically set the bleeds and packs to ON.  This should eliminate pilots passing out inadvertently (fade to black).


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  • ATAB (AviTab) and AUD tabs added to expand available functionality.  AUD is a convenient control panel for all audio functions of the COM and NAV radios.
  • Added control that allows the user to switch between landscape and portrait modes – rotating in either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions.

ERJ Settings

  • Added FMOD cockpit engine volume control.  It allows the user to determine their preferred version of authenticity.
  • Added a checkbox so that Recommended VS indications no longer appear for terminal descents on the top right of the monitor or on the upper banner of the AviTablet.
  • Added a temporary checkbox to disable the overspeed warning.  Only lasts for the current flight.
  • Added a checkbox to hide the Easter Eggs that appear in the cockpit.  This includes the images on the attitude indicator, the Golden Ticket, various bits of graffiti, and the humorous warning placards on the door.


  • TOD logic completely rewritten.
  • VPI logic completely rewritten.
  • Added new data entry flow “links” to the FMS pages so that entering a flight plan takes less navigation hassle.
  • Updated color coding of FMS page navigation text.  Navigation is (mostly) light grey, with action items remaining white.  Flight plan data entry flow coded green.
  • Revised various parts of the procedure waypoints selection to correctly provide procedures available in certain airports.  Also improved waypoint selection to be certain of getting the nearest ICAO of a given navtype when duplicate ICAO’s exist.
  • Corrected visual departure and arrival fixes for non-SID and non-STAR procedures so that they will line up better with the runway – dependent on magnetic variation accuracy.
  •  Added automatic edit of waypoint altitudes later in the FLT PLAN to match a cruise altitude entry update.  This only applies when editing established waypoints.
  • Revised the flight plan loading sequence to better merge SID/ROUTE/STAR waypoint lists.
  • OAT now calculating correctly for all altitudes.
  • TRS indication restored to PERF 2.
  • Corrected PROGRESS page time and distance readouts.  Rewrote ZULU time code to correct timing issues.
  • Removed CRZ ALT MISMATCH warning.

Source: X-Plane.org Forums

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