X-Plane 12 Released

Following website and server maintenance, Laminar Research today announced the release of the long-awaited X-Plane 12. The new version of X-Plane is in many ways revolutionary, even allowing for pilot training sessions.

From its predecessor, X-Plane 12 comes with an all-new weather engine, ambient sounds accurately played based on the time of the day, season and other variables like wind direction, or an accurate flight model.

An airline is already using X-Plane 12 to train its pilots and the team has received great feedback from them. The physics is not coded in a way people will like, but how it works in reality, as Austin from Laminar Research advertises it.

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The team’s main focus was to move the simulation up a notch, by not carrying something the community wants, but something realistic. The team did not want something the community would like, but something they could back by equations.

The team also reworked the visuals. Previously, the team has always worked on what will the end-user like and what the company will be able to sell. With X-Plane 12, that has changed.

A highly requested feature by the community was also dynamic seasons. Laminar Research did include those in X-Plane 12. Alongside that, flight simmers can now enjoy accurate water and vegetation colour depending on the area they fly around from default.

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You can now purchase X-Plane 12 through the official website for €60.

If you’re afraid there aren’t any aircraft available yet, you don’t have to worry as Laminar Research included a plethora of high-fidelity aircraft from default. If that wouldn’t be enough, developers are already bringing their addons to X-Plane 12, and new releases should be imminent.

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