FSLabs Updates A319-X, A320-X, A321-X for Prepar3D

FSLabs, a well-known developer on the flight simulation scene, has today taken to their forums to announce the release of new versions of their A319-X, A320-X, and at last, A321-X. Titled as v5.0.1.114, the update features many improvements to the products as well as A319-X compatibility with Prepar3D v5.

The external PBR texturing has been improved on the A319-X to bring it up to the Prepar3D V5 standards. Furthermore, A319-X liveries have been updated to match the improved textures.

Other than that, all three aircraft received dynamic cabin window blinds logic, tuned dynamic lighting, effects and splashes, redone overlays using PBR, and other “cosmetic” fixes to add the immersion. Improvements have been done also to the FMGC, FADEC, and external lighting to the Prear3D v4 model.

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FSLabs have also been working together with FSDreamTeam on integrating their GPU (Ground Power Unit) to the aircraft. The developers are now awaiting FSDreamTeam to update their product adressing the compatiblity.

The team is also very happy to announce, that the series is compatible with the Thrustmaster Airbus hardware line of products including the upcoming Throttle Quadrant.

(..) Upon the first detection of TCA Airbus Sidestick or TCA Throttle Quadrant, our software will automatically configure and allow full functionality of all knobs and switches found with the corresponding simulated counter-part, with no action necessary on the part of the user

FSLabs – Forums

Furthermore, the Concorde-X development has been mentioned. As you might have noticed, FSLabs has posted in early September a single screenshot showcasing the aircraft without any information provided. Today, it was confirmed, that the developers are well underway working on the aircraft. The release date was not shared, however, when released, the aircraft should be developed using the latest Prepar3D v5 SDK techniques. We should get more information about that subject soon.

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FSLabs has also addresses the compatibility of their products with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was made clear, that due to the inmature SDK, it is currently not possible. However, the developers are working closely with Asobo and Microsoft to port their products to the simulator. Until then, the team is keeping focused Prepar3D development.

The updates can be downloaded through the FSLabs Download Page. If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so through the FSLabs website from $139.95, depending on the aircraft types you want.

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Changelog (v5.0.1.114)


  • Various updates and fixes to takeoff performance system


  • Logic update to immediately sync PFD/ND on return to internal views
  • STALL STALL added to PFD message


  • Updates for V4 external lighting
  • Added GPU smoke effect


  • Fix for manual start crank logic


  • GSX Services integration improved
  • GPU now callable

Input handling

  • Now allows keyboard as well as joystick button inputs to be set
  • Auto configuration for Thrustmaster Airbus hardware


  • Perf TO page S8 updates
  • AC Status S8 updates
  • Inhibited PERF APPR page insertion below 700R
  • Inhibited RADNAV ILS data below 700R and not on ground

Source: FSLabs Forums

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