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FSNews Exclusive: Chudoba Design Previews Major Update for Prague Airport

Filip from Chudoba Design has approached us recently if we would be interested in some insight into what he’s been up to in the past few weeks. Our answer to that question was a loud and clear “Yes!”.

And so here we are. In this article, we’ll go through a new major update for Filip’s rendition of Prague Airport (LKPR) for X-Plane 11 and the details we were provided with. As it has been previously teased, the new update will come with additional optimizations and dynamic ground textures.

Various textures have been reduced in size and some were even completely removed. Numerous objects around the airport were also optimized to achieve better performance while moving around the area.

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What wasn’t mentioned previously, however, is that Filip also completely revised groundpoly on the airport to achieve a more accurate and immersive experience. He even reworked terminal textures to achieve a more realistic look, and foremost, reworked the roofs of the terminals. With the update, there will be air conditioning units on the roof as there are at the real airport.

This is something we pointed out in our review of the scenery, and it’s nice seeing the developer address this.

If you’re an active user of SAM Seasons, you will find it nice that the new version of the scenery is going to be compatible with the plugin offering snowy trees and ortho. This should make a perfect addition to winter operations at the airport.

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As for the new dynamic ground textures, they will work together with xEnviro and Active Sky XP as well as the default weather engine.

Besides what was previously mentioned, we can further expect new jetways to come with the update based on the latest available photographs from the airport.

Filip has confirmed the update will be free of charge for all existing owners of the scenery. The release date, yet, remains unknown. We were reassured by Filip that any further details will be shared through Chudoba Design’s Discord server and Facebook page.

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We have previously made a review of the scenery. If you’d like to learn more about our experience and what we think about the scenery, you can read that by clicking here.

At the end of our chat with Filip from Chudoba Design, he confirmed that updates of his sceneries from X-Plane 11 to X-Plane 12 will be free of charge.

He is also, alongside improving Prague Airport scenery, working on one new scenery and a secret surprise. We, unfortunately, did not manage to get any interesting information out of him about these.

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