8.12.2020 – 17:37z

iniBuilds Announces A310 and Previews A380

iniBuilds have today taken to their forums to officially announce the development of the iniSimulations Airbus A310-300 for X-Plane 11, preview and give an update on the Airbus A380 project, and address the future of iniScene and Shoreham Airport scenery for the new simulator.

First of all, iniBuilds have confirmed, that the single screenshot they shared just four days ago was really from the Airbus A310-300 and have announced the development of the addon for X-Plane 11 with further screenshots from the simulator attached to the post.

With that, a few features of the aircraft were pointed out. The aircraft addon will consist of many new and improved 3D elements, completely overhauled exterior textures, enhanced wingflex, or the long-range capabilities of the real aircraft. We can expect a more extensive changelog/feature list soon.

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In addition to that, it was mentioned in the post, that the A310-300 will be a standalone product from the A300, however, the A300 customers will be able to get a 35% discount on the A310. Customers of the A310 will be eligible for a 25% discount on the A300.

At last, iniBuilds have announced, that there will be two more expansions coming to both the A300 and the A310 in the future with a brand new family of airliners. Unfortunately, no further information was shared on that subject.

As with the iniSimulations A300, the addon will first feature only the freighter variant with passenger variant coming soon after.

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Some people could think, that the iniSimulations A380 project was forgotten after a rather long time of silence. iniBuilds has in today’s post shared two previews of the aircraft model only in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft is still in the early stages of development. The aircraft was originally announced for X-Plane 11, it wasn’t mentioned in the post what are the current plans and if the aircraft is really coming as well to the new simulator. iniSimulations is currently exploring the environment of the new simulator and does not want to promise anything.

Furthermore, an update has been provided on the status of the upcoming iniScene Shoreham Airport (EGKA) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Based on the post, the scenery has been in testing since October, earlier this year. Some parts of the scenery have been reworked as the SDK has evolved. A single preview showcasing the airport building has been included in the post and can be seen above.

In addition to that, it was mentioned, that in 2021, iniScene will be getting a lot of attention with many projects planned for both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Thanks Chudoba Design for reminding us about the event at our Discord server!

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