Just Flight Further Previews 757 for MSFS

Through a post on their website, the team at Just Flight shared eight new previews and gave a development update on their upcoming 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They announced it back in February 2022.

The developers are working on the Flight Management System. They have already brought to life several pages in the FMS, certain AP functions, the navigation display as well as the primary flight display. The team said that the FMS is their priority.

Concerning the exterior model, they have worked on the landing gear. The textures haven’t changed from the last development update.

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The Just Flight team has given some attention to the flight model too. They plan on integrating two different flight models. The first one will be designed for new simmers and will be aimed at “easier flying”. The second one will be aimed at maximum realism within the simulator limitations. Thanks to this every user will be able to enjoy the add-on.

The add-on will release in 2023. Just Flight hasn’t disclosed the price tag yet. If you wish to learn more about Just Flight and their 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, I suggest you have a look at George’s article here.

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