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LivToAir Releases Zivko Edge 540 For MSFS

LivToAir, a developer primarily known for releasing the Aeromobil flying car for MSFS, has released the Zivko Edge 540. It is a single-engine aerobatic and racing aircraft produced by the American manufacturer Zivko Aeronautics. The plane shows insane performance and is capable of performing a 420-degree-per-second roll rate and a 3,700-foot-per-minute climb rate.

This exact aircraft model was used during Dario Costa’s record-breaking flight through two tunnels in Turkey. It is also among the most popular constructions used during the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

The LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 comes with three different variants, each with a different type of winglet designed for either aerobatics or racing. The developer created two cockpit configurations, the first for aerobatics and the second for racing, giving users six possible ways to configure the aircraft.

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LivToAir has implemented some custom animations to the add-on, such as opening the canopy or the prop strike animation. The add-on features a functional circuit breakers panel, creating a more realistic experience, and a smoke system with multiplayer support, allowing users to enhance aerial displays and maneuvers with realistic smoke effects.

To control the smoke systems, the developer created an EFB, which allows users to turn the smoke on and off and choose from five different smoke colors: white, blue, green, red, and orange. In the EFB, below the smoke control option, LivToAir added a lap timer function that might be useful during air races.

The LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 is available at simMarket and at the iniBuilds store for € 17.82. If air racing is your pet project, check out the Got Friends Astro ONE Personal Racing Drone, which we have covered in this article.

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