Review: DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Belsimtek

F-5E Tiger II is well known aircraft in the community. It was built for dogfight, ground support and ground attack. F-5E is unbeatable in many aspects and that’s why many air forces across the globe continue to use it.

Developer Belsimtek released F-5E Tiger II add-on for DCS World back in 2016. We got the chance to review this amazing aircraft and we would like to say thank you to Belsimtek and to the whole Eagle Dynamics team for making this possible.

F-5E Tiger II aircraft model was built with high focus on details. You can see that especially in the cockpit. If you compare real F-5E cockpit to Belsimtek’s one, you will struggle to find any differences. Almost every single button is clickable in the “six-degrees-of-freedom” cockpit and you can interact with all cockpit controls with you mouse. An example of great exterior model of this aircraft are the 20 mm cannons.

Several liveries are included, you can check them below. If you don’t like any of the liveries provided by the aircraft developer, you can always download custom liveries from the forum.

You can enjoy realistic flight model of F-5E Tiger II. The handling of this aircraft is something very special, in the positive way.

Electrical and hydraulic systems are working as they should. You will definitely have a good time playing with all these things.

Weapon system is very well modelled as well. It is a bit tricky from time to time to figure out what should be done, but if you are really struggling I recommend going through the manuals provided with F-5E Tiger II. You can choose from English and Russian version of the manual.

I really have to recommend this aircraft. I’m sure you will enjoy every single moment flying this beauty. There are still some minor things to be fixed, but nothing to worry about.

You can buy F-5E Tiger II on Steam for DCS World Steam Edition or on the DCS World website for the normal version of DCS World.

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