1.3.2020 – 18:24z

Review: FlyDesign Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (EPGD)

FlyDesign was so generous, that they have provided us with a copy of their Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (EPGD) rendition for X-Plane 11. Even though we received the product, don’t worry about honesty. If we don’t like something, we will let you know.

Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport, also known as Gdansk Airport, is an international airport located about 12 kilometer northwest of Gdánsk, Poland. The airport is named by the former Polish president, Lech Wałęsa. With over 5 million passengers in 2019, it’s the 3rd largest airport in Poland in terms of the passenger movement. It is mainly served by Ryanair and Wizz Air throughout the year and Enter Air through the season.


What I really liked about the scenery was the terminal building. Especially after reviewing FlyDesign Kraków Airport rendition for X-Plane 11 which did not have interior modelled, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the terminal interior at the scenery for the first time. In comparison with the Google Maps imagery, the interior is very accurate to the real world one. I might only change the interior a bit by adding more dynamic feeling by adding a few stores or places since the interior feels a bit plain on the airport side, the check-in and parking side look fine, but that’s just a suggestion.

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In the case of the exterior, I really like it. As mentioned earlier regarding the interior. The exterior model is very accurate and because of the interior plus the actual glass textures on the windows, it looks amazing. I might only add a tint to the windows since it looks transparent and you can actually see through the terminal, which you wouldn’t be able to in real life.


FlyDesign did not only did a good job on the terminal building but overall on the airport including the tarmac and utility buildings. What I especially like about the scenery is the accuracy of the object placement. Probably the only thing I might change is the runway texturing since it’s not in the highest resolution it could be and is kind of ruining the experience on approach.

Airport Surroundings

FlyDesign did not forget about the airport surroundings and did a good job. You won’t recognize any missing buildings in an area next to the airport when flying normally, but if you look closer, you will be able to see a few missing buildings. This is not a huge problem, but there are a few rather big factories missing and that is causing spaces between other buildings. Otherwise, the airport surroundings look awesome and are accurately placed.

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As well as other FlyDesign sceneries, the installation process is very straightforward and simple. After purchasing the scenery, you will be provided with a .exe file which you go through, select which scenery version you want, select the X-Plane 11 directory, fill out the required information and install the scenery. That’s it!


In conclusion, FlyDesign did an amazing job with the scenery. It’s well-optimized, so even slower PCs will have no problem running the scenery, and even if, you can simply select in the installation process the scenery version for slower PCs. If you’re looking for a nice Polish airport scenery, you should totally put this one in the consideration.

The scenery can be purchased via either the .org store for $19.95 or via the FlyDesign website for €15.

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