TFDi Reveals Pricing of Upcoming MD-11

In their latest website update, TFDi Design provided key details regarding the upcoming MD-11 rendition.

First of all, the team intends to natively support their future rendition on Prepar3D v4, v5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Furthermore, the developer has expressed interest in supporting older simulators such as Prepar3D v1, v2, and v3 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Additionally, the MD-11 developers detailed a list of upcoming features. TFDi’s rendition will include an accurate 3D model with high-resolution PBR texturing.

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Moreover, a fully functioning and accurate FMS system (with SID, STAR, airways, and performance calculations) will be implemented. An accurate auto flight system is in the works.

Features list

  • Highly accurate 3D models
  • High resolution textures (PBR in platforms that support it)
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Full FMS simulation (SID, STAR, airways, performance calculations)
  • Full autoflight system simulation (NAV, PROF, etc.)
  • Accurate onboard system simulation
  • Authentic system and engine sounds (courtesy of Turbine Sound Studios)

Aircraft Pricing

Last but not least, the developers have revealed the MD-11’s pricing model. The developers have decided to implement a package-based pricing system, allowing simmers to pay just for the features and variants they want.

The base package will cost $89.99 USD and will only include either the cargo or passenger variant.

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In order to own both versions, you will need to pay an extra $14.99 for the expansion pack.

Lastly, if you want to operate circuit breakers and simulate failures, you’ll need to purchase the Extended Simulation Package for $14.99.

You can read George’s article on TFDi’s development on the MD-11 if you’re interested in learning more.

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About the MD-11

The MD-11 is a widebody airliner developed by former constructor McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). The aircraft is based on the much older DC-10 and aimed at competing with emerging widebody aircraft (most notably the Airbus A330/A340 and Boeing 777).

Although initial criticism around the MD-11 project was positive, the aircraft wasn’t a major home runner. Production of the MD-11 lasted for 12 years, with the last delivery dating back to October 2000. The lack of orders was mainly due to fierce competition and failure to meet operational targets. Nonetheless, the aircraft is still operating today for a few freighter carriers. Notable operators include Western Global FedEx and UPS.

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