Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Sim Update 13 Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator team has recently released the highly anticipated Sim Update 13, bringing many fixes and improvements to the platform. The admin team shared a comprehensive list of changes done in this update through the forums.

Brief Introduction to Sim Update 13

There are over 50 entries to the whole changelog, with changes done to the menu, all world updates and many aeroplanes available with the release of the simulator. There are also changes to avionics, installation and online services. The SDK was improved, too and there are new supported control devices.

In general, bug fixes were made to the Marketplace, and the simulator’s menu and the issue with the white dot that appeared in the previous update is now resolved as well. You can disable the white dot cursor via settings, where you can hide this cursor yourself.

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In-Sim Improvements

Firstly, there are fixes to issues that were causing usual crashes, however, the team didn’t elaborate much further on this topic. What is sure is that the simulator is now going to be more stable and there are also memory usage and performance optimizations done.

Active Pause also received an improvement, and the aircraft both velocity and angular velocity are now frozen, too.

From the visual side of things, the dark horizon line is now less visible as well, suggesting that the development team is constantly improving this well-known issue.

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The online system is now more stable, and users will no longer experience a bug which causes them not to join a group after accepting an invitation.

Glass Cockpit Improvements

Changes were made to glass cockpits as well, and Garming G3000 and G5000 received many improvements. From now on, these avionics now display wind vectors on the Navigraph Mapr, nearest map and weather map panes.

The G1000 received some colour adjustments, bug fixes to the Nav Data Bar ISA field and fixes to incorrect unit conversion.

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In general, a bug which was freezing the camera with a joystick top hat was fixed in this version of the simulator.

Airbus A310 received a lot of bug fixes to its systems, sounds and textures. The plane now, even according to the community, sounds much better and the fixes definitely brought improvements to the pleasure of flying this aeroplane.

The default 787 and 747 also received their well-deserved updates after Aircraft and Avionics Update 2. The most notable improvement is the Simbrief integration. This allows virtual pilots to uplink their flight data right into the aeroplane. This includes weight, fuel, route, winds and other important information virtual pilots are using to fly long-haul aeroplanes.

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There are also changes to other aeroplanes, like the Cessna 208, Citation CJ4, Longitude, TBM 930, Douglas DC-3, the Wright Flyer and so on.


In the world section, there are changes made to the default airports like JFK, DFW, Donegal and Seattle Tacoma. These fixes improve the visual quality of the airports. JFK received missing building collisions, DFW now includes buildings in its vicinity that were missing, Donegal’s ground services are now fixed and the terrain cracks at Sea-Tac are fixed, too.

Almost all the World Updates received fixes, briefly focusing on visuals, bug fixes and missing points of interest. The only world update that didn’t receive any improvements is the very first one, covering Japan.

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From now on, the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls are fully supported by the simulator on both PC and Xbox. This also applies to Yawman Arrow.

Furthermore, there is a new General Aviation preset for Thrustmaster Airbus Quadrant and the yoke behaviour was also fixed after suspending of MSFS on Xbox.

Lastly, various changes were made to the SDK, devmode, SimConnect, SimVars, Aircraft Editor and WASM.

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Over the past few days, many users experienced issues with installing this new update. However, it might have been resolved already. If you are still suffering from installation problems, refer to a statement by Asobo Studio on the Forums.

To learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator and one of the previous updates for it, make sure to read our different article here.

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